Salient Features of - Eleanor Blue Bells:


Our School is “Home Away from Home”.

  • We believe that Children are like flowers, each one is different from the other yet special in His/her own capabilities, ability and personality making garden of our School alluring.
  • We open admission for the age group one and half years and above till five years.
  • All the concept and activities are based on building the cognitive skills, gross motor, fine Motor & Social Interactive Skills.
  • We are well equipped with all the Montessori apparatus for each age group which makes the learning interesting and effective .
  • We encourage the children to use their senses to learn colors (eyes), dimension texture (skin), Taste (tongue) , sound (ears) , Smell (nose) this makes learning more enjoyable.
  • Blue Bells has an ambiance of a colorful and playful school which attracts the little ones at the very first sight.
  • We pay a lot of emphasis and maintaining a hygienic and clean environment for which we have trained didis and helpers.
  • All the classroom are fully air conditioned and well ventilated.
  • The teachers are very well trained and experienced.
  • Our medium of teaching is English and our focus is to prepare the children to become self Reliant , confident and self disciplined.

Our lesson plan is designed systematically and concept based, we share our monthly work plan with the parents which makes it convenient for them to follow up at home.

To create a safe, engaged, and happy environment, so that our children are empowered to be themselves and learn to keep becoming a better version of themselves.
To create a stimulating, happy, and secure environment where children learn at their own will and pace so that they can stay curious, yet become independent and responsible humans.
We guarantee that your child is safe and in the best of hands.