Eleanor Educations

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  • Name Tag: This must be printed on child’s dress.
  • ID Card: Children will be allowed to go home only with those adults whose signatures are on the ID card. Please inform the school office if there is a change of escort.
  • Change of clothes: Please send an extra set of clothes, packed in a plastic bag and labeled, with your child everyday. Plases label all your child’s belonging.
  • Fees to be paid on monthly basis or quarterly basis as an well followed.
  • Fees to be paid BEFORE 5th beginning of every month, in case of late payment Rs.50 is charged per day.


Please Note: if your ward has any known allergy then kindly inform the school office.


Fees to be paid by Demand Draft in favor of ELEANOR EDUCATIONS. You are requested to write your child’s name on the reverse side of the DD or if paid against cash acquire a valid receipt from ELEANOR EDUCATIONS.

Due to pandemic we are having online classes for which we have a different fee structure.

NB: Fees once paid is not refundable and Admission Form should be update after this write up. which i will mail you or whats app you./p>

Online Payment


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